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Architecture | Concept & Unbuilt

House of the lake


Project description

Located on a plot of 30 thousand square meters and overlooking the lagoon, the lagoon house is characterized by the simplicity of the lines and the purity of the shapes Basically two concrete planes, synthesizing the floor and the ceiling play the role of housing 3 boxes, two of which are covered in wood and the central box is covered in stones. The box on the left houses the entire intimate area, the couple's, children's suite and also a TV room, the central block houses the entire leisure and social area, and the right block houses the visiting rooms and also the service areas. . Right in the entrance hall, people are welcomed by a tree that cuts the concrete plane with its crown and at the same time lets natural light in, in the background it is possible to see the lagoon. The house consists of materials such as stone, concrete and wood.

Project details
Location:Nova Lima, Brazil
Studio Namemf+arquitetos
Lead designerFilipi Oliveira e Mariana Oliveira
Design teamLuís Fernando , Lucas Ferrari , Thalita Facirolli , Rael Dominicini
Photography creditsmf+arquitetos
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