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House of grandfather Martinho

COVO interiores

Project description

The House of grandfather Martinho was recovered respecting the place and memory. Two granite floors, with windows that open to the street and the mountains. The main block, the house where the grandfather lived, welcomes the habitational space, divided by two floors, with 55m2 each. The ground floor, formerly the place for the animals, gave way to the living room and kitchen, divided by a central box of oak Wood, which houses the staircase and sanitary facilities. The upper floor gives way to 2 rooms with their sanitary facilities. The grille of the wrought-iron porch has been restored. Inside, light colors and minimalist language contribute to maximize the boundaries constructed and visually clear the space that itself is already quite reduced. The decoration of neutral colors with notes of moss color, refer to the surrounding nature, integrating the belonging and values in which we believe. Next to it, an annex houses the garage and technical areas. Which is already a junction of various clones, small buildings, that kept hay for the animals to eat. Where it was so intentional to preserve the historical essence was in this attached volume, rebuilt with a contemporary intervention, which was added to the building, in the form of the inverted cover that gives way to a terrace overlooking the Nave's mountain range. The detail of the illuminated tear, which separates the stone masonry from the flat cover, gives it the modern touch, surprising the look. We have maintained the traditional appearance, inspired by previous generations, and conjugating the comfort of modern life, renewing space, keeping memory. Functionalized the space, the House maintains its original character, with new solutions, in old principles.

Project details
Location:Touro, Viseu - Portugal
Studio NameCOVO interiores
Lead designerJose Morgado
Design teamMário Morgado
Photography creditsJoão Morgado
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