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House of Attila

Nothing Studio

Short description

The house consists of a two-story main building and a three-story annex behind the main building. NOTHING STUDIO divides the space into an outer area and an inner area according to its functionality. This meets Attila's needs in terms of its branding strategy and integrated business. At the entrance of the house, a brick wall is connected to a traditional Chinese-style courtyard wall made of red and grey bricks.
The facade of the main building is characterized by large windows and glass doors. Numerous hardwood frames collected during demolition were reused for it. The combination of exquisite crafts in Chinese constructions and the Art Deco style of the marble floor provides the vintage feel of an old Shanghai.

Entry details
LocationShanghai City, China
Studio NameNothing Studio
Lead designerNathan Hou
Design teamNathan Hou, Jing Chen, Rongxia Shen, Zhongyi Chen
Photography creditsYi Guo
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