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Architecture | Concept & Unbuilt

House near Serra da Estrela

João Cepeda Architect

Short description

A vast green scenery, seemingly endless. An absent sun, a greyish sky, and the sounding gusty winds in the wild vegetation, frame the ambiance setting. Bearing the essential imprints of its own circumstances, and aspiring for the harmony of the most natural, pure and tactile materials, an earth-pigmented concrete mass sits on a rocky plateau. All the primeval ground stones are left untouched, acting as a remembrance. A remembrance of the past – a sense of the passage of time. Reminding that the new always rests upon the reminiscent. Sheltered by the mountains of Serra da Estrela, the construction frames the inexorable changing nature, and its harsh serenity. Life, and time, unveil themselves, exactly as they are – (in) finite.

Entry details
Location:Belmonte, Portugal
Lead designerJoão Cepeda
Photography creditsRendergram
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