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Hotel NEXT

RH+ Arquitectos

Short description

‘What’s Next?’ is an expression that can easily be related to the generation known as ‘Millennials’. This group and their seek for new adventures, novelties, interactions and new and engaging experiences, combined with their youthful and relaxed spirit set the motto for the hotel’s design, and it shows, especially in the rooms. The premise of this project was to redesign and reorganize an existing building from 1990, for this specific niche of guests: the Millennials and the Digital Nomads.
The room’s space is open and fluid, with few partitions and a simple layout. On one side a bright slat wall opposes a dark one whit all the elements needed in a hotel room, put together by a dark steel frame. Wardrobes, for instance, are reduced to their essence: a rod, a save, a drawer and a shelve. This way the clothes of the guests, an expression of their identity, are also part of the room’s environment. The Millennials' free spirit also allows that elements such as the shower and the wash basin can make part of the rooms’ design, leaving them open and at sight.
The colour scheme and the materials chosen also played an important part, making the project whole. On one hand, the Terrazzo flooring and walls, the polycarbonate surfaces and steel frames, set a relaxed and contemporary mood, with a retro taste. On the other, nobler materials like the marble - left from the original building -, cooper and golden steel, set a more elegant tone, combined with vibrant colours on the different spaces, stimulating the senses. The rooftop, installed on a former roof with no access, is a well representative space of this hotel’s spirit and range of experiences available for the guests, a hotel that opens itself to what’s around and what’s Next.

Entry details
LocationFunchal - Portugal
Lead designerArchitecture (RH+ Arquitectos) Roberto Castro e Hugo Gil Jesus. Interior Design (RH+ Arquitectos / IS WORKROOM) Roberto Castro, Hugo Gil Jesus e Isabel Valsassina
Design teamJosé Gil Gama; Sofia Barradas; Cristina Perdigão de Sousa
Photography creditsNuno Andrade e Savoy Signature
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