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Hotel Felix

Naomi Hajnos GmbH

Short description

Hotel Felix is centrally located, Zurich main station and the world’s famous Bahnhofstrasse are within walking distance. Given the advanced age of the property, the owner decided to renovate the hotel even if It is considered as a building worth being protected by the local authorities.
Originally designed as two separate residential buildings in 1879, the representative and symmetrically arranged face of the building shaped the appearance of the street.
The use of the building has changed several times over time. In the 20th century, the two residential buildings were combined to form a hotel.

The digital transformation of the last few years in the hospitality industry has outlined that public lounges became more important based on the demand of travellers and guests.
The hotel welcomes the guests in an open, light-flooded entrance. The lobby is placed in the center, the less important areas such as the reception and dining areas, are arranged laterally. On the upper floors, where the rooms are located, the highlight is a small but effective trick that can be used to optimize the floor plans of small rooms.
Basically, the room structure is being kept, but the rooms are marginally extended towards the corridor and are optically enlarged by a diagonally aligned partition wall of the wet cells.
Using glass for parts of the bathroom walls further contributes to a lighter and more open space.
Additionally, the attic has been converted into an appealing suite. Unlike the representative entrée of the hotel, this is a very intimate way to enter the city, which is denied to most tourists. Between visible wooden beams, small skylights provide a spectacular view on various landmarks. The view from the roof top terrace, capturing the Zurich skyline.

Entry details
LocationZürich, Switzerland
Studio NameNaomi Hajnos GmbH
Lead designerNaomi Hajnos
Photography creditsNaomi Hajnos.GmbH
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