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Hotel Casona 142

LC Arquitectura

Short description

A magical boutique hotel located in Orizaba, with history that preserves its essence as an old mansion from 1900, with the comforts of a modern luxury hotel. The client gave the firm the freedom to create an original hotel, with its own identity, demonstrating that the old can coexist with the contemporary.

Walking through the hotel is a sensory experience, generated by its materials, architecture, interior design, lighting, ambient music, art interventions, scent created for each space and reuse of elements in a creative way making each space unique.

The hotel is composed of 2 levels and a subway cellar; the first level has 7 rooms, the multipurpose room and 3 patios; in one of them is the restaurant and bar from which you can descend to the "secret cellar" passing under a table and reaching this cozy space for private meetings, where the dishes arrive by an elevator directly from the kitchen.

The original façade was preserved with its wooden beams, ironwork and a majestic carved wooden door that welcomes you and invites you to pass through the lobby, from this space you can see the Great Hall, one of the favorite areas of the guests, where half of the room is composed of modern elements and the other half of antique elements, the spaces being divided by a line of light, which crosses the entire room.

Lighting is an essential part of this project, each room and each space is illuminated differently, according to the theme and atmosphere that was sought to generate and the elements that are to be highlighted.

Each space of the hotel has been intervened by local artists; the main art work composed of 280 hummingbirds scattered throughout the hotel, is an element of union between areas, which intrigues the visitor to discover them.

Entry details
Studio NameLC Arquitectura
Lead designerAdriana Limon Calatayud
Design teamJorge Rafael Limon Calatayud
Photography creditsLGM Studio
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