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Horse Riding Field in Cattle Farm

OOIIO Architecture

Project description

This project is a deep refurbishment in a cattle farm, located in a privileged enclave of Castilla fields, adapting it to sports facilities for the training and care of jumping competition horses. The architects task consisted of integrating a horse riding field into a large traditional country house, reforming old stables to bring them up to date, so the new group of buildings will become first class riding horses facilities, at the service of some beautiful competition horses, which are undoubtedly the real protagonists here, where every detail is designed to make them feel as comfortable as possible. A horse riding arena is ultimately a large quadrangular space, bounded by four fences with soft ground, where riders and horses are trained for jumping competitions. The original building was in the shape of a rectangle, with a central courtyard that acts as an outdoor arena and, in order to train on rainy days, it is decided to build the new covered riding arena, demolishing one of the arms of the rectangle and integrating the new construction with the country house. The arena was solved by large porches that spaced a distance of 30 m each, with broken triangular beams that make up a singular gable roof which opens to the north light with a succession of skylights, that let light through the soul of the beams of each portico, as if it were shark gills. The new roof formed by that repetition of skylights is seen from the distance as frozen waves in the middle of a vast field.

Project details
Location:Madrid - Spain
Studio NameOOIIO Architecture
Lead designerJoaquin Millan Villamuelas
Design teamManuel Fernández Corral
Photography creditsjosefotoinmo
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