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Bea Interiors Design

Project description

Reflecting Hiyakawa’s focus on the Japanese principle of kikubari or caring for others, Bea Interiors Design has designed a warm, minimalistic, and intimate space. The restaurant is defined by an artistic and architectural wood installation that undulates up, over, and around diners, like a swaddling embrace. In order to fulfill our client’s request of creating a space that would transport his audience to Japan (minus the airfare), our main design objective, yet challenging, was to achieve a traditional organic Japanese design yet adding an impressive and eye-catching element, which was achieved by creating the ceiling oak wood structure. The results achieved were beyond expectations. The minimalist, almost mystical space framed wood panels arranged in organically undulating concentric rings enamors guests while focusing attention on the restaurant’s dedicated itamae. The restaurant’s design has been highly acclaimed by professionals for its stunning fully immersive experience.

Project details
Location:Miami, USA
Studio NameBea Interiors Design
Lead designerBea Pernia
Photography creditsLuis Arturo Mora
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