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HiPhi Plaza

Henn Building Design Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Project description

HiPhi Plaza, a boutique smart and connected manufacturing plant, is located in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province, China. The plant covers an area of approximately 300,000 sq.m. and a building area of about 130,000 sq.m., HiPhi Plaza is upgraded and retrofitted from the first factory of the joint venture Dongfeng Yueda Kia Automobile Co., Ltd. The redesign and transformation of the architectural space not only involves the upgrading of the original plant and production workshop, but also the overall project planning of the new plant as a whole. With the integrated design of buildings, landscapes, interiors, signs and floodlights, Human Horizons has created a world-class boutique manufacturing plant with the 4 pillars of “Smart, Digital, Connected, Sustainable”. Furthermore, the plant design concept echoes the brand spirit of “to explore, to be free and to create” of Human Horizons and the HiPhi brand and has become a benchmark of innovation, engineering technology, and smart and modern manufacturing. Different from the closed-end method and non-opening to public management of traditional vehicle factories, the fine work automobile factory HiPhi Plaza is designed with a unique factory experiencing flow line to public, offering the visitors a chance to visit and experience customer flow, staff flow, logistics and production flow which are independent of each other. The plant is designed as a post-modern high-tech industrial building. The design language of the whole new construction and the retrofitting reflects the Industry 4.0 standards and future-oriented science and technology, as well as expressions of the concepts of innovation, sustainability and intelligence of the new energy vehicle factories. With the application of materials such as aluminum panels, stretched mesh panels, glass and precast concrete, and under the condition of effective-cost control, the effects of a multi-dimensional design throughout the Experience Area, Workshop Area, Interior and Exterior Area were proportionately carried out. The factory has become a renowned architecture in the surrounding areas of Yancheng and a landmark site in Jiangsu Province. Smart cars can no longer be defined from a single-dimension. In addition to focusing on users and technology, it is closely related to smart transportation and smart cities. The world-first Vehicle-Road Collaboration smart city road in Yancheng has been a success in implementing autonomous driving trial operation, as well as the ‘Smart City’ infrastructure in the AI hub of the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park in Shanghai. The project, called the Vehicle-Road-City Integrated Smart City, is laying the groundwork for high-tech roads and autonomous vehicles in future smart cities. With the official operation and manufacturing of the HiPhi Plaza and the mass-production deliveries of the Super SUV, HiPhi X, the “3 Smart” (Smart Vehicle, Smart Transportation and Smart City) blueprint of Human Horizons has been progressing in parallel.

Project details
Location:Yancheng - China
Studio NameHenn Building Design Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Lead designerMartin Henn, Georg Pichler
Design teamMatthias Lassen, Yuchen Wang, Ye Wang, Chen Sun, Wei Guo, Xin Zheng
Photography credits存在建筑
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