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Hesar’s Villa

Nimkat Studio

Photographed by:

Farzad Bagherzadeh

Short description

This villa was designed by Afshin Khosravian and is located in the Golestan district of Mashhad, IRAN. This modern building was photographed within three and a half days.

The images focus on the exterior with emphasis on the landscape of district. The photographer faced the challenge of capturing the project in a visually consistent style between hours, days, and other changes. After lessoning to architect, it was initially difficult for the photographer to connect with the qualities of "Extrovertido Architecture." But the central courtyard was the key to understanding the building. [The building has a central courtyard with a ground pool reminiscent of Iranian architectural heritage. As a fun fact, the ground pools transforms into an infinity pool on the other side of the facade.] 

Finally, observing the changes in sunlight in relation to aspects of the building helped tell a story about this villa. The direction of the sunlight gradually changes through the sequence of photos from the middle of the day to dusk.

Entry details
LocationMashhad, Iran
Studio Name Nimkat Studio
Photographer NameFarzad Bagherzadeh
Design teamAfshin Khosravian
Photography creditsFarzad Bagherzadeh
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