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Heritage Park

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Short description

The heritage park is a redevelopment landscape project, envisioned in the heart of Old Delhi, opposite to the majestic Red Fort a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE. From its vantage point, it offers enchanting, panoramic vistas of the revered Red Fort, while the serene Jama Masjid graces the backdrop with its timeless presence. This visionary project aims to establish a heritage retreat in a densely populated area where people yearn for open and recreational spaces. The retreat will seamlessly blend the grandeur of Mughal and Hindu architecture, fostering unity among religious communities. With unwavering admiration for its historic integrity and pure intent, the design for heritage park blossomed organically and effortlessly.

The Park gracefully unfolds into two major zones, each carrying its profound significance – the hardscape entry zone and the serene landscape area. Meticulously crafted with a deep reverence for history and a commitment to preserving the cultural legacy of the location, the design embraces its heritage with seamlessly incorporating Contemporary landscape innovations and technologies, all within the traditional materials and detailing itself.
The journey for the park starts right from the boundary wall, adorned with exquisite red sandstone arches and Delhi stone which reflects the splendid architecture of Old Delhi. As visitors step into the hardscape area, a mesmerizing sight unfolds -the majestic Red Fort wall gracing the horizon, while inviting shaded sitting areas, shops with traditional artefacts, and delightful eateries beckon visitors to immerse themselves in the ambiance of bygone times.
While entering the landscape zone, a central walkway acts as poetic link, seamlessly connecting three distinguished areas – the majestic Baradari, the serenity of the sunken sitting area, and the captivating open-air amphitheater. Adorned in pristine white stone, the Baradari stands as a masterpiece of ornate elegance. A strategically sunken stage forms a seamless visual connection with the entire arena, adding to the enchantment. Every corner of this mesmerizing landscape bears witness to the meticulous craftsmanship, an artful symphony of intricate detailing and seamless coordination among various services to honor and harmonize with its location.
The Heritage Park's material palette reverently echoes the Red Fort and Chandni Chowk's architectural essence, embracing Delhi stone, Red sandstone, and White Statuario Baradari.
Preserving the indigenous beauty, meticulous site planning evokes cherished childhood memories amid lush greens, evoking feelings of pure joy. Abundant vegetation, encompassing existing preserved trees, shrubs, and climbers, adorns the landscape, creating a tapestry of vibrant colours and alluring fragrances. The landscaping is especially preserved and designed to provide a heartful experience.

Entry details
LocationDelhi, India
Lead designerKapil Aggarwal
Design teamRahul Sharma, Manoj Kumar Sharma, Vikrant Singh Dhakrey
Consultant team-
Photography creditsBharat Aggarwal
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