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Headquarters Cordeel

Binst Architects nv

Project description

Cordeel purchased the former ‘Boelwerf’ shipyard. The past years they have built on this plot residential developments, an industrial area, and their own business site. The new headquarters provides a view of this entire site on the one hand and of the centre of Temse, and the Scheldt on the other. The concept emphasizes the specific nature of the site and refers to the historical context. The existing dry dock is spanned in width by a steel structure of two double-high trusses with intermediate sleepers. The 108 x 26 m large volume is installed on two concrete building volumes that are 72 m apart and contain the entrances to the office. The 2 office floors, 2,300 m² each, are fully glazed and are surrounded by terraces. The structural grid of 3.60 m allows for a flexible layout, resulting in a mix of landscape offices, meeting rooms, management offices and a flexible central zone according to ‘the new way of working’. The multipurpose rooms at the southern end of the building offer a fantastic panoramic view of the surroundings. The building is eye-catching due to its location, shape and by its reflective facade. The mirror finish grants an intriguing look, changing every single second.

Project details
Location:Temse - Belgium
Studio NameBinst Architects nv
Lead designerLuc Binst
Design teamEvi van Schooneveld, Nick Verbeeck, Wim Heyninck, Andreas Porreye, Kenn van Overveld
Photography creditsBAR = Binst Architects nv, Limeparts, TF = Tim Fisher, BG = Bart Gosselin
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