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Haus am See

Carlos Zwick Architekten BDA

Short description

Thousands of excursionists visited this historic lakeside property in Potsdam, until the old park café there closed its doors. 25 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Berlin architect Carlos Zwick bought this property - without building permission but with a vision: A place for the family should be created here, a house that engages with the elements of the surrounding nature. Ancient trees, water and the listed Imperial Terraces - actually named after the emperor, who used to enjoy his coffee here in the past - determine the architectural concept. Today the wooden house stands on 40 diagonal steel posts, with 10 individual foundations touching the Imperial Terraces in a respectful way.
With its facade made of vertical, narrow larch wood slats, the structure becomes a modern tree house. It integrates unobtrusively into the crowns of the age-old oaks, chestnuts and linden trees. Even the large maple that stood in the way of the house was left untouched and is now growing tall, right in the middle of the living room.
The loggia stretches across the entire width of the house. 8 meters above the water level, as though it´s floating above the lake. In the living areas, too, the architect has succeeded in creating closeness to the nature thanks to huge wooden sliding windows. Swans and herons do their rounds here at eye level with the residents. A long olive wood table stands in the middle of the spacious dining-living room, with fireplace and kitchen-isle. Large contemporary paintings hang on the walls. Some of which created by the architect´s partner in the in-house studio. Working and living - the house on the lake offers space for both. And later maybe even for a small shared apartment, when the last of the 6 children have moved out.

Entry details
LocationPotsdam - Germany
Lead designerCarlos Zwick
Photography creditsJosé Campos
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