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Haus | A Smart Home System

Angus Chung

Short description

Haus, is a suite of smart home devices that take cues found in architecture and furnitures within the comforts of the home to blend the devices into its surroundings both inside and outside the home seamlessly. Exploring the use of materials and processes that are more synonymous with houseware, than technology - 'Haus' aims to evoke a quality of permanence, that kindles a longer-lasting connection between us and technology.

The suite consists of two devices, Haus Viewpoint and Haus Control.

Made of Bioresin to resemble earthenware; the bio-material not only offers hardwearing qualities to withstand the elements, but also lessens the use of virgin plastics that are more impactful to the environment. While Haus Control features an expansive touch display that allows for a more graphical user interface; Haus Viewpoint's wide-angle camera is set behind a pane of tinted mirror glass, to make the device feel less intrusive to your neighbors, alleviating the perceptions of pointing security cameras that are overtly invasive to privacy.

Entry details
LocationLondon - United Kingdom
Studio Name Angus Chung
Lead designerAngus Chung
Photography creditsAngus Chung
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