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Hangzhou Center

Hangzhou Palace Interior Design Co.,Ltd

Short description

The project is born in the center of the city, in front of the ancient Grand Canal and in the heart of fashion district.
The dreaming is to create a new architecture where tradition, culture and history are mesh together to found a new value, a new natural balance, is a rethinking of the traditional lifestyle for the current needs.
The design reflects the habitual spatial functions of the sales center but with a plus, a status quo of the private and personal interaction with and for the customer. We are on the 26floor of a complex tower, where international luxurious hotel and office are the above part of a big commercial podium.
From the entrance you can perceive the degree of elegance and refinement, both in the materials and in the details, the peaceful sense of the space attracts visitor with a desire to explore everything deeply.
The large windows and the mirrored ceiling free the space, the natural light is reflected inside, changing shape and color with the passage of time, it seems that everything changes and evolves in this quiet and peaceful atmosphere, despite being in the heart of the city, noises and movement are closed outside, the good rule is that here we want to be quiet and at peace.
In the end we can say that here, there has been a true integration of the different minds in the best way, designer, client and constructor company, have worked together to transform a simple space into something special and unique, a mix of expression of contemporary culture and local tradition suited to the life of our time.

Entry details
LocationHangzhou, China
Studio NameHangzhou Palace Interior Design Co.,Ltd
Lead designerCaterina Cairoli
Photography creditsThreeimages
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