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Haifu NO.1


Short description

The project is located in Qianhai Center of Shenzhen, China. It has a world-class coastal leisure facilities and unique rare assets. Sitting on the seashore and the Ferris wheel of the Bay Area, it also has a superior view and excellent environment, and enjoy the first-line seascape of the Qianhai Bay. We hope that this place will become a unique living sample of coastal life in the Bay Area.
Combining the cultural and regional background and spatial attributes, we hope to create a space where residents can feel a sense of belonging to "home". The core concept of the entire space uses the technique of the inner building with the combination of high-grade gray tones, and its unique tonal characteristics - low saturation reduce the impact of color on people's emotions. It conveys less environmental emotions than other color schemes, and sets off the main body of the space, "the person in the space", as the real protagonist.
The overall feeling of openness created by the living room leads the viewer's eye to the sea by surrounding the landscape, reaching the horizon in the distance, and occupying a magnificent sense of luxury in the center of the sea view. The whole space is very transparent, blending with the landscape outside the window, and you can enjoy the natural atmosphere in the city. The landscape is the main feature in the space.
The meeting space is divided into three parts, one is the drawing room and the other is a private banquet. As a functional space, the bar area has become the connection point between the two. Different from the richness and fullness of the scenery outside the window, the living room expresses a calm temperament with different shades of white, brown and gray. In addition to busy work, you can also gather with friends to relax. The multi-person sofas and single seats arranged around the surrounding setting respond to different lifestyles with modern and simple techniques.
Compared with the openness of the living room, the private banquet space is more soft and wrapped. The texture of black stone, brown leather, mirror, metal and other materials and texture is used to modify the high-end texture of the space. The details are combined with the natural stone texture of the color excess, allowing the two spaces to blend with each other. The plane function highlights the diversity of the party scene, and shows the gathering activities under different crowds, scenes and times through the cutting of space.
A tea space with a woody scent, a study where you can enjoy reading, and a cigar bar where you can enjoy wine and cigarettes. All these can unload the burden of thought from externalized things and rekindle the love of life. The viewing lounge is architecturally styled, with high-grade gray-toned saddle cabinets, hazy glass electric ovens, and shiny metallic wine racks.
Remove the large area of exaggerated decoration, only retain the purest expression, highlighting the owner's extreme pursuit of quality of life.
Separate the functions of the space where activities and living are not disturbed. The streamlined, gentle and textured presented in the space is in response to the daily busy and boring attitude of life and restores the most real state of use. Every detail cleverly reflects the ideal theme of life. In the bustling coastal city, creating a life scene that integrates openness and diversity, the core of the design is to explore the balanced relationship between contemporary city and nature.
The gathering place that accommodates rich emotions reflects the richness of the spiritual level, and calmly transitions between the bustle of the city and the comfort of the mind, becoming the most perfect solution and interpretation of the modern URBA NLIFE on the coast.
A large area of environmental protection paint is used as the main material on the wall. Diatom mud is a highly cost-effective functional wall finishing material with a thickness of 2-5 mm. As a product to solve indoor environmental pollution, it has the environmental protection performance of purifying air and eliminating odor. Therefore, there is no harmful gas generated when the whole space is completed, which can provide the owner a good space experience.
In this case,the large-area floor-to-ceiling windows create a natural lighting environment. So the room is transparent and bright. A large amount of natural light is introduced during the day, reducing the use of electrical lamps. At night, all lights are equipped with environmentally-friendly adjustable lamps, which can accurately distribute light, save energy and electricity, and protect the eyes scientifically, promoting physical and mental health.

Entry details
LocationZhuhai - China
Studio NamePSQUARED²
Lead designerJames Tse
Design teamDavid Young, Yi Liu
Photography creditsZhaoliang Qin
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