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Colectivo 05

Project description

This 52sqft space is a refuge from the world, a refuge for contemplation and meditation within the creative process. A place where the city recovers its sacred dimension that unites those who were with those who are, which speaks to us in silence about so many places visited and admired. A silent dialogue with the elements that we consider sacred of nature, a space that narrates allegories between permanence and tradition, a simple and abstract wooden cube that, when displaying the structures of its own covering, make up the different pieces that equip it. The furniture is reduced to focus attention on the cadence of the space. The skylight, the window, transform the architecture of the space according to the time and light that enters through them, the daybed and the desk, basic pieces of equipment, elements running from end to end, make up the work and contemplation spaces. Without this silent dialogue of what is built with nature, narrated by wood, stone, and clay, the individual space dies.

Project details
Location:Mexico City - Mexico
Studio NameColectivo 05
Lead designerColectivo 05
Design teamRubén Mercado Benítez, Patricio Guerrero Diaz, Yasin L. El Amrani, Sara Salinas Torres, Alejandro Valencia
Photography creditsFabian Martinez
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