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György Palkó portfolio

P-Arch Creative Studio

Photographed by:

György Palkó

Short description

Father, husband, architectural photographer - these three "roles" fills my entire life. When I'm not with my family, I deal with my passion only, with buildings: exteriors-interiors, and since 2018 from above too...

Ever since the camera has come into my hand, the beauty of the built environment and its presentation are my main focus. That is why I wanted to work from the very beginning to companies (designers, general contractors, furniture) who are actively contributing to this beauty.

I strive to present the buildings as they are, in the most favorable light possible, all while smuggling a little life into the photos.

The first image shows the main concert hall of MüPa, Budapest (HU). I photographed the building for my first book – Budapest Architecture 2000-2020 – , and this image ended up on the cover of the book. You can see my little daughter in the middle of the stage, what makes this photograph my all time favorite for me. She accompanied me on this photoshoot and I could gave her the chance to feel the atmosphere of a huge concert hall from the main stage. She just stood there for a couple minutes and then she started to dance… (Her dream is to become a famous ballerina.) This makes that photoshoot unforgettable for me.

Entry details
LocationBudapest - Hungary
Photographer NameGyörgy Palkó
Design teamGyörgy Palkó, János Marozsán, Bence Szabó
Photography creditsGyörgy Palkó
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