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Gui’s Kitchen


Short description

Project Brief "We believe that both food and architecture deliver a new sense of beautiful lifestyle for people through rational artistic creation."The reason why we named it [Guang Xi Culture modern museum] is also the core of the design, which to create a new eating experience with Guang xi Zhuang they can experience more while enjoying the meal, they can also see 、feel、learn from this interesting Culture and it is the mission and responsibility of our Society and also the value of our design. Project Innovation/Need We separated The gap between the seating area with a wave stainless steel plate, we create an effect of the mirror surface to make people feel as if they are on a bamboo raft on the lake with the picture of a cormorant fishing image. The material of the wall is covered with rustic and rough paint and creates a contemporary sense with a sleek and straight line, as a designer we try to understand Interior design design from the perspective of history to rebuild the relationship between architecture and humans as if all space is alive. Design Challenge We refer to the architecture of column with Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, As we know The construction method of these architectural structures has existed for more than a hundred years, and it is the most representative of the Construction Method of Guangxi Zhuang architecture. So we decide to extract the shape of the roof structure of the building as the entrance.For the interior decorations, we also remixed some fabric in tapis with Zhuang characteristics, Zhuang brocade is the most characteristic folk element in the local traditional culture, it will deliver the spirit emotional value of the customer throughout the entire space. Sustainability For environmental reasons, we used the Shape of Guangxi Bamboo Raft instead of traditional ceramic tiles for the structure of the roof, and we also used the shape of sky pattern as a luminous lamp for the Ceiling, and simulated the natural light of Guangxi in the space。

Entry details
LocationGuang XI, China
Lead designerVISON XU
Design team50
Photography creditsWYAP STUDIO
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