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Greentown Duofu Cuihuli

Short description

Absorbing the essence of traditional garden construction, using unique artistic techniques. Greentown Duofu ·Cuihuli Project creates a excellent world within a foot of area. Adopting the size, shape and structure of northern imperial gardens, the construction methods of JiangNan gardens, a space layout of “garden inside garden” is shaped, which shows the unique beauty. Taking the norm of etiquette of ancient building and using the technique of intangible cultural heritage, it creates a high-rise residence with classical Chinese garden style, which is of great value that can be worth to be collected. Landscape design follows the criterion that Chinese classical gardens take natural landscape as the aesthetic principle. Although created by ordinary people, the landscape looks as if it were created by nature,which forms the idyllically artistic conception.The element of garden art introduced in landscape construction makes the project have more cultural deposits and connotation, which integrates the beauty of heaven and earth, extols the elegance of the universe.

Entry details
Location:Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, China
Studio NameGMC Landscape Design
Lead designerQiu Bin
Design teamChen Arui, Sun Junjie, Chen Fang, Wei Dana, Ye Ting, Xu Jifeng, Shi Hongqing, Cao Pu, Yang Qing, Chen Qingqing, Ma Tianwei
Photography creditsGibson Architectural space photography
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