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Green Corridor in Lisbon


Short description

The new green corridor at Av. Estados Unidos da América in Lisbon, with a total area of about 10,000m2, has adopted formal and functional measures which contribute to create a dynamic structure, valuing this area of the city and bringing back the memory of the space, keeping its character in mind.
These spaces were initially projected by landscape architect Gonçalo Ribeiro Telles and represent an evolution in the paradigm of the fifty’s architecture, showing the first signs of modern urbanism principles. The project concept emerges from the desire of a physical and visual continuity that develops through a hallway that runs through all the residential lots. The arboreous vegetation plays a structuring role in this dynamic garden which gradually defragments to give space to stay areas. It results in a flowing garden that keeps in mind the individuality of each space, with blooming central green spaces, informal lounge areas, and playground spaces surrounded by tree niches. The used green elements are oriented to respect the chromatic and volumetric needs of this space and it is anchored to the valuable autochthonous species library. This way we looked for the best adaptability of the flora to the edaphoclimatic conditions, minimizing maintenance efforts and abbreviating growth time, in order to contribute to mitigate climate change.
This green corridor becomes part of the constantly growing green structure of the city, which has an undeniable role for the city lifestyle and quotidian wellbeing.

Entry details
Studio Name MAPlandscape
Lead designerFrancisco Maia
Photography creditsFrancisco Maia
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