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Greentown· Taoli Spring Breeze and Time Memory Town

GMC Landscape Design

Short description

Taking industrial heritage as the carrier, "urban memory" as the connotation, cultural creativity as the motive and landscape space as the link, the Green City ·Tao Li Spring Breeze and Time Memory Town creates a new landmark of cultural tourism in Suizhou and meanwhile drives the organic renewal of the old industrial area of the city. Moreover, Integrating the original gentle slope, thick forest and lake water system, a landscape system with "Peach and Plum Lake" and "Ancient Apricot Creek" as the core is created. Ten peach and plum scenes scenic spots and eight parks are connected in series to outline and depict a thousand-year-old poetic picture of the south of the Yangtza River. The demonstration area borrows the scenery to build the garden, which is originated from the return of the thought of Chinese gardens. At the same time, the region combines the design techniques of modern gardens to create a landscape of lakes and mountains, which can be seen everywhere. From a distance, the gentle slopes and hills are surrounded by clouds and mountains; , From a close view, the Chinese courtyard and the poetic garden are strung into a landscape painting, which fully shows the traditional oriental garden culture and aesthetics.

Entry details
Studio NameGMC Landscape Design
Lead designerQiu Bin
Design teamQiu Meiping, XuWeili, Jin Luyao, WANG Qingshan, Guo Qin, XU Jifeng, Zou Chi, Wei Danna, Cheng Bo, Yang Qing, Chai Xiaoxian, Xiong Jie
Photography creditsZhejiang Qingkun McCann Landscape Design Co., LTD
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