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Goddeeris HQ

DDM architectuur & BHOOM

Project description

Daily 120 people are busy installing HVAC and piping for Goddeeris. Their 4200m2 HQ consists of 850m2 offices plus social spaces, 1500m2 warehouse for equipment delivery and storage, and 1850m2 covered parking. The office and warehouse are located in the rear part while the parking occupies the front. This allows the workspace to enjoy the view of the open fields to the north while monitoring the vehicles entering and leaving the site. Loading and unloading takes place under the overhangs that connect front and back while limiting the sun in the office spaces. Large turning spaces needed for onsite circulation would have greatly limited the maximum dimensions of an orthogonal building. With a fluid design strategy, the built-up area could be maximized and a more dynamic environment was created.

Project details
Location:Roeselare , Belgium
Studio NameDDM architectuur & BHOOM
Lead designerDirk De Meyer & Gerd Couckhuyt
Design teamDirk De Meyer, Gerd Couckhuyt, Annelies De Keersmaecker, Somya Suneja, Angelo Vandecasteele, Rasya Kumar
Photography creditslenzer
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