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Global Home of the PGA TOUR

Foster + Partners


Project description

The new headquarters embody a sense of openness and transparency, with flexible, open floorplates that are non-hierarchical, focussing primarily on collaboration and mobility at the workplace. The focus has been on creating a richer experience throughout the building, while preserving its connections with the surrounding landscape and flooding it with natural light and air. Nature plays a key role in the design, which incorporates principles of biophilia – an inherent affinity for nature found in humans – that is proven to enhance staff wellbeing. The two building bays are connected by 20-foot-wide bridges that encourage chance meetings, and allow for informal gatherings along the edges, without impeding the flow of people, catering to the need for flexible workspaces to support an increasingly mobile workforce. Allied to the principles of biophilic design, is the sustainable focus of the project, with the building targeting a LEED Gold rating. Its extended overhang on the building edge significantly reduces solar gain on the glazed façades. The roof accommodates a series of photovoltaic panels to support the building’s energy needs.

Project details
Location:Ponte Vedra Beach, USA
Studio NameFoster + Partners
Lead designerJames Barnes
Design teamJoe Bausona, Kimberly Chew, Nigel Dancey, Beau Johnson, Daniel Martinez, Henry Ng, Alan Paukman, Alessandro Ranaldi, Joem Sanez
Photography creditsChuck Choi
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