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FW Apartment

Boscardin Corsi

Short description

A good architecture that dispenses all the excesses, filled with pieces of furniture by brazilian designers.
Expecting their second child, the couple of clients wanted a home that represented the minimalist and contemporary lifestyle they envisioned for their daily lives.
The initial decision to integrate the kitchen and the balcony with the living room unified the social areas, expanding the range of vision, framing the view of the set of trees that surround the Building, allowing the abundant natural light to be captured throughout the interior.
Keeping essentialism as a premise, only a few punctual elements such as the wooden box in the entrance hall and the black stone of the fireplace and barbecue área, contrasting with the unique white plans/walls that are the basis of the project.
Contributing to the timelessness of the design, household appliances were discreetly embedded in the joinery, freeing the eye from everything that is not architecture.
The home automation technology infrastructure is also hidden, allowing seamless experience setup in all ambiences with no visual impact.
With the exception of the Mole armchair, a classic by Sergio Rodrigues, contemporary Brazilian design is the furniture choices.
In this project, the conceptual and aesthetic synergy between the clients and the office provided the architects with an opportunity for free creative exploration.
The result is a project with light spaces, coated with natural materials and finished with an impeccable execution.

Entry details
LocationCuritiba - Brazil
Lead designerEdgard Corsi and Ana Boscardin
Photography creditsEduardo Macarios
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