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Fusion Fuzhou

Shanghai Zhongao Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

Project description

This design pays tribute to the theme of Rome, inspired by the magnificent classical cases of Rome, and combined with modern craft elements to deduce an innovative architectural life for the arch. Elegant but not outdated, low-key but luxurious, bringing customers an immersive classic and luxurious experience. The beautiful arcs provide basic visual elements for the space, relying on the basic logical layout of the design, and tell a glorious Roman story with modern design language. The use of the semicircular arch voucher in the hall draws inspiration from ancient Roman architecture, with the help of the wisdom of ancient stonemasons, and under the outline of modern materials, it further demonstrates the classical temperament and gorgeousness of the hall.

Project details
Location:Fuzhou - China
Studio NameShanghai Zhongao Industrial Development Co., Ltd.
Lead designerWei Luo
Design teamWenwen Lin
Photography creditsXiang Xiao
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