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Short description

This is a renovation project whose original site is also a cinema. However, with the change of consumption structure and business model, the original cinema was not suitable for the needs of young consumers. A new high-end cinema with new function orientation and unique "experiential consumption scene" was hoped to be created.
What is different from the ordinary cinema is that, due to the limitation of the building itself, the entire cinema is distributed in four different floors and the functional areas are cut into pieces. So how to plan all the functional areas reasonably while the area and size of each floor are different? This is the key point of this pondering over the design.
First of all, the profitability of the cinema is the sale of light food, therefore the line reflecting the traces of space users needs to guide consumers to different sales areas. The lower two floors are mainly for the ticketing area and the outside area, while the upper two floors are for the movie halls. In this way, the area of selling light food becomes the only way which must be passed to the cinema, which provides a favorable condition for the occurrence of consumption. The two upper floors are mainly providing a purer viewing environment for the cinema.
In addition to the arrangement of lines of moving, when it comes to the design style, the designer also presents distinctive functional space according to different materials of various colors, textures and tactile sensation, such as leather, copper, marble brick, steel bar and so on.

Entry details
LocationHong Kong, China
Lead designerCM Jao & Ken Cheung
Design teamYoyo Au
Photography creditsSean
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