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Architecture | Commercial

Fuhuali Jinan

CLOU Architects

Short description

Lake view, cubed.

Across from Jinan’s famous lake, geometric volumes form a multi-level waterfront village, an animated commercial and social meeting point with a front-row view.
Commanding a panoramic view of Jinan’s Huashan Lake, this innovative hub is crafted as a cultural, encounter, and entertainment inspiration for residents and tourists alike, in a citation of the famous local scenery of “Misty Rain in Quehua”.

A patchwork of retail streets and commercial villas breaks with the traditional notion of boxed-up community shopping centres, its composite massing serving as a permeable visual and spatial buffer between the high-density vertical communities and the fantastic natural beauty they face.

Different spatial scales accommodate various business and retail types - behind the continuous transparent shopfronts of the commercial lower levels accentuated by vertical battens, and across the stand-out colours and patterns of the upper cubes with their destination character.

Accessible throughout the day, an all-encompassing landscaped observation deck between the geometric volumes blends nature and buildings in an abstract interpretation of misty rain over the lake.

Entry details
LocationJinan, China
Lead designerJan Clostermann
Design teamZhi Zhang, Na Zhao, Mengmeng Zhao, Tianshu Liu, Yishi Li, Yuanyuan Sun, Yujie Jin, Chris Biggin, Rentian Liu, Shuting Guo, Xiaobin Cheng, Qiaoyi Wu, Nastya Zavarzina, Haiwei Xie
Consultant teamUDG Jinan, Shenzhen L&A Design, Foshan Shengyuan Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd
Photography creditsWu Qingshan
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