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Foxconn Shanghai Headquarters


Project description

Foxconn Shanghai Headquarters is located in prominent Lujiazui waterfront, forming the Shanghai Pudong skyline with other renowned skyscrapers. The Foxconn Headquarters is a model of clarity and sustainability. It reads as a cluster of four slender towers separated by recesses on each side, and the distinct V-pattern of the glazing imparts an energy to the facades, which reflects the sparkling wave of Huangpu River. The double-skin curtain wall is externally ventilated and movable louvers in the cavity are programmed to block direct sun, reducing heat gain and glare. Solar panels, geothermal heat pumps, rainwater collection, waste-water recycling, and other renewable energy measures won the building a LEED Platinum rating. Restaurants, exhibition galleries and other public functions occupy the first four floors of the tower and the low side wings. The upper floors house offices ranged around a central service core. Throughout, the goal was to create a comfortable working environment in which every space enjoys evenly balanced natural light and an expansive view over the city. Together with the high standard fulfillment of architectural details and construction, the design of Foxconn’s gleaming towers has delivered the spirit of precision and looking into the future.

Project details
Location:Shanghai, China
Lead designerKris Yao
Photography creditsFei-Chun Ying, Kris Provoost, KRIS YAO | ARTECH, StudioSZ Photo, Tom Hung
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