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Fong & Chan Architects

Short description

Since the firm was formed, it has held fast to the goal of nurturing young designers to become full-fledged, well-rounded architects. Foundations to enable this innovation were laid early on and continue; firm size is purposefully kept small enabling principals to teach staff directly, project selection is thoughtful and favors ventures that allow staff growth, and staff are encouraged to be involved in all project phases from concept to construction to broaden understanding. The firm additionally provides weekly seminars to impart proven methodologies for successful project delivery, compensation for architectural licensure exams, enrollment in continuing education courses at Harvard University, access to the latest design technologies such as 3D printing, and firm ownership opportunities for senior staff members without any financial contribution. Providing student internships is also an important aspect of firm culture. Since the early nineties, students from all over the United States and from over 15 countries worldwide have interned here. Numerous architectural scholarships and endowments to the arts at local universities have also been bestowed. Finally, the firm provides a collaborative and pleasant office environment which promotes staff well-being. Generously sized work stations are arranged in an open plan layout over two floor levels with additional spaces for collaboration and private discussion. A large circular opening between the second floor and first floor creates a light filled atrium establishing connection both visually and audibly between floors. This firm strives not only for design excellence, it strives to generate and empower excellent architects who will become the future.

Entry details
LocationSan Francisco - United States
Lead designerDavid G. Fong and Chiu Lin Tse-Chan
Photography creditsTim Griffith for image 4 and 5, all the remaining images are by Fong & Chan Architects
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