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Photography | Architecture Portfolio

Following the sunlight

Photographed by:

Athina Souli

Brief description

The leading role in this architectural photography portfolio is the sunlight. Most of my pictures have taken in Greece where the light and shadows are intense even in winter. What triggers my interest in photography is human intervention in nature and the levels that the interplay between geometrical lines and light creates, and when this intervention is meticulous architecture is the best option. I first observe the materials and textures of every different architectural project, and then i choose the best moment to shoot them. Every frame I see through the camera at a given moment is unique, even the next minute or the next day will never be the same. In these portfolio photos we see low-scale buildings that are nicely integrated into the outdoor space, is the most common category of architectural works that i undertake to photograph in Greece.

Entry details
Photographer NameAthina Souli
Photographer Studio / CompanyAthina Souli photography
Location:Athens - Greece
Photography creditsAthina Souli

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