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Folk Pool & Gardens

SHL Asia

Short description

Located amongst the dense residential area in downtown Ubud, Folk Pool & Gardens was the first swim-up bar and gardens in the area. It soon became a hidden oasis both for locals and tourists for its spacious and laid-back feeling that’s so prevalent in Ubud and Bali in general. In order to do so, a lot of contextual cues were taken from the area and the design shied away from looking more modern. It implements a lot of local textures, patterns and recycled materials from the local vicinity such as old tin roof sheets, used window trellis and recycled ulin woods. These materials are used really well throughout the boundary and within the space to give off the feeling of familiarity and nostalgia - almost like going into the neighbour’s backyard in Ubud at the same time became a unique selling point for the place. Despite its limited view, the design managed to picture a relaxing backyard of Ubud neighborhood. The aim for Folk is to be more than a restaurant and bar but also to present lifestyle and the people itself hence the design followed. It encourages the people of Ubud as well as visitors to embrace the nostalgia of space through the local landscape and architecture with a more current way of interpretation, so for them to always remember and keep the culture of Ubud close to their heart.

Entry details
LocationBali - Indonesia
Studio Name SHL Asia
Lead designerSasta Jelantik
Photography creditsRusdi Sanad
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