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OrT Group

Short description

In Munich Forstenried, large housing estates have dominated the cityscape since the 1960s. Evidence that even at that time, living space was scarce in the Bavarian metropolis. Such a residential complex, consisting of 16 identical floor plans (totalling about 900 m²) and a row of garages in the rear courtyard, was the starting point for the Forstenrieder Allee 108-112 housing project. For instead of a perhaps superficially sufficient modernisation or energy-efficient refurbishment of the existing building stock, which at first glance would certainly have served its purpose, our aim was to construct a new building that, with individualistic flats, would make a targeted contribution to Munich's qualitative and contemporary housing development and, as a multi-family house, would integrate sensitively into the evolved surroundings.

The buildings are planned by Kaan Architekten and consist of one bigger building along the street and one smaller town house in the backyard garden. They captivate with a purist façade and form the architectural highlight in Forstenried. The selection of the highest quality materials, such as the modern interpretation of the copper roof, contributes to this to a large extent. The combination of high-quality, light-flooded architecture with a specially designed sustainability concept ensures modern and liveable housing in an urban location. Part oft he sustainabilty concept is e.g. the heating by the Munich South geothermal district heating connection for which an extra pipe has been laid. Furthermore, the residents are provided with cargo bicycles as a climate-friendly mode of transport.

By relocating the parking spaces to an underground garage and creating 22 newly different floor plans, it was possible to almost double the living space to around 1,600 m². The flats are mainly barrier-free and offer a home for young and old, singles, couples and families, thus creating a healthy social mix of residents. The lavishly designed perennial garden in the centre of the residential complex, which is a real gem for people and the climate with numerous open spaces as well as wooden seating areas and playground equipment, contributes in particular to a lively togetherness.

The outdoor area is home to over 10,000 insect-friendly plants, grasses, perennials, flowers, a community kitchen garden and 17 trees. The generous greenery is selected to be blooming all year round. For high-density spaces, in addition to environmental protection measures, changes in the microclimate are increasingly significant. The built-up city must be able to cope with extreme weather conditions. Green spaces, fresh air corridors, ecological niches as well as recreational and play areas are indispensable for this. With a view to these challenges, it was possible to implement the noteworthy concept together with the innovative landscape planner Franziska Meyer-Fey, lecturer at Weihenstephan Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences.

Entry details
LocationMunich, Germany
Studio Name OrT Group
Lead designerKaan Architekten: Harald Kettner
Design teamOrT Group: Joel Reif, René Reif
Consultant teamLandschaftsarchitektur Meyer-Fey: Franziska Meyer-Fey
Photography creditsChristine Dempf
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