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FLOYD Library

M1DTW Architects

Short description

M1DTW’s relationship with Floyd began in 2017 to build a company headquarters for the environmentally-conscious furniture startup. In keeping with the two companies’ shared values of adaptability, durability and minimal waste, M1DTW designed Floyd HQ through adaptive reuse, retrofitting a meat storage warehouse in Detroit’s Eastern Market into a combination retail/office space replete with a research and development (R&D) workshop, internal conferencing and a front-facing showroom. Following the 2018 completion of HQ, M1DTW returned to the project in 2021 to reimagine its interior as a reflection of the changing conditions of the workplace today. Since the initial project, Floyd’s successful ‘slow-furniture’ business began to necessitate more space for R&D and internal operations. At the same time, the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the norms and conventions of workplace activity, requiring a new level of open-mindedness to reengage on-site interactions.

The resulting Floyd Library is a complete redesign of the headquarters model, which pays considered attention to the dynamics and needs of Floyd’s staff and makes a deliberate effort to emphasize safe, comfortable and creative cohabitation. The new Library builds on the entire original 3,200 SF floor plan, taking advantage of space made available with the upgrade of R&D facilities next door. Sharing Floyd’s values of conservation and sustainability, M1DTW worked carefully to infill the space while ensuring that virtually none of the previous construction materials were demolished or discarded. In some instances, Floyd products with slight imperfections or returned by customers were incorporated into the interior, including reused bed panels which now cover one of the Library walls and provide visual warmth and texture.

The result is a homier workplace, which emphasizes warm lighting, smaller meeting rooms, semi-private ‘hot desks’ for focused individual work, and relaxing interiors for casual staff interactions.

Entry details
LocationDetroit, MI USA
Lead designerChristian Unverzagt
Design teamThomas Affeldt, Project Architect; Kerry Conway, Project Team; Genevieve Doman, Project Team
Photography creditsCourtesy M1DTW Architects. Photo: Nev Muftari
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