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Flexible Hydrated Materials for Bone Defect Repair

Metal Industries Research & Development Center

Short description

This design meets the clinical needs of bone defect repair with two types of filling methods: a two-syringe mixing pump and flexible hydration-curing bone regeneration material.This design can be used for minimally invasive surgery and complex structural bone defects to promote bone cell and blood vessel growth.It can be used clinically for all types of bone defects, eliminating the tedious surgical procedures and the psychological stress of the medical staff.

Traditionally, bone block implants, bone cement, and allogeneic bone are used to treat bone defects, but clinical results have been mixed. The anesthesia time is prolonged because of the tedious process of cutting the bone filling material during the surgery, and new tissues do not easily grow into the bone defect area, which results in a re-fracture rate of 25% after 18 months of the surgery. Since multiple bone defects cannot be regenerated, there is a pressing need in the market for advanced bone regeneration materials and easy surgical procedures.This design consists of an A agent (collagen gel/TTCP) and a B agent (Growth facto/MCPM). These two agents are delivered to the mixing cavity through a feeding device and then injected for the treatment of new bone repair in the area of the bone defect. The procedure is stable, allowing the clinician to precisely control the material flow, injectability, curing time, etc. It is easy and safe to operate, shortening the surgical time and reducing the risk of surgery.

Surgical procedures can be shortened and risks reduced during the COVID-19 epidemic, making them easier and safer to perform.The design is in accordance with the ISO 10993 test specification and has passed the biological toxicity, irritation, and allergy tests, which is safe and reduces post-operative risks and disputes.The design is ergonomic, easy to hold and operate with one hand, easy to grip, slip-proof, simple, fast, smooth, safe, etc., reflecting the beauty of simplicity and achieving the effect of safety and instant.

Entry details
Lead designerTsai Tung-Lin
Design teamTsai Tung-Lin,Tseng Chun-Chieh,Chiu Kuan-Yu,Chang Yen-Hao,Chen Chun-Ming and Wang Pei-Hua for MIRDC Design Team
Photography creditsMIRDC
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