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Flat Oak

Studio MK27

Short description

Flat Oak draws light and textures through subtle lines.

Home for a family of four, the 600sqm apartment has a warm atmosphere in all of its spaces.

Pannels and bespoke built-in furniture exhibit a composition of slatted, planked and plain Oak, white and beige marbles and metal finishings. They frame and support the movement of fabrics, curvy lines and light.

Sunrays, filtered by translucent linen curtains, softens the present geometries, playing with our senses. A collection of touches, sillouettes and light features enriches the experience.

In the living room, Mid-century pieces as Hans Wegner’s and Gio Ponti’s armchairs sits its sinuous lines on a wool-textured carpet together with more contemporary figures such as Mk27s and Minottis armchairs and Jader Almeida’s coffee tables. Under the slatted ceiling, a unique piece by Studio Drift soars above the dining table.

Yet, art pieces by Brazilian contemporary artists such as Adriana Varejão and Vanderlei Lopes litten the Oak plans an punctuate’s ones visit.

Entry details
LocationSão Paulo - Brazil
Studio Name Studio MK27
Lead designerMárcio Kogan
Design teamco-architect: luciana antunes interiors:diana radomysler
Photography creditsFran Parente
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