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Filetto Chair

Studio Pagni Baldi

Short description

Filetto chair was created to enhance an innovative material for the construction of furniture, Papembood. Thanks to this brand new material it is in fact possible to build furniture without the need for wood. The chair has essential lines, mainly structured with joints and crossings between the horizontal and vertical elements. What must stand out is the side and the Papembood material from which the chair is made.

Papembood® (Paper+bamboo wood) is an ecological and sustainable multilayer panel: it derives from the overlapping of colored recycled cardboard (the heart) and sliced bamboo wood (the skin).
Papembood® was born to create furnishing elements that have both an aesthetic appearance and a distinctive design, as well as high mechanical resistance and sturdiness properties; to this are added also good performances in terms of respect for the environment during the manufacturing phases of these panels and great aptitude for recycling, at the end of the object's life.
It was created to meet the needs of the consumer: thanks to an unlimited range of colors and thicknesses allows for great customization of the finished product.
It is designed to facilitate global companies seeking finer materials, sophisticated craftsmanship design, cost savings in mass production, and faster production speed. The bonding process between the various layers takes place in the same way as for multilayer wood panels.
If the panel need a structural function, a sheet of plywood can be added between the “paper heart" and the “bamboo skin".
The three factors that determine the final appearance of Papembood® are: the colors of the cardboard, the type of surface finish and the thickness of the panel. Combining and matching these factors can generate many variations.
The results of the mechanical and physical tests carried out on the panels have shown that Papembood® has better or similar characteristics to materials composed of paper/wood and resin, but with a lower density and greater elasticity.
Furthermore, unlike the others, it is easily disassembled and therefore recyclable: the paper will generate other paper and so on (Papembood® circular economy).

Entry details
LocationMassa e Cozzile - Pistoia - Italy
Lead designerCaterina Baldi
Design teamDiego Pagni
Photography creditsPaolo Benvenuti - FotoCineFranco
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