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Fernández-Baca | Generación Dental Clinic

Paco Lago Interioriza

Short description

Inspired by more than two hundred years of family history, but with the sight on the future. The interior design of this dental clinic breaks with that ‘cold and impersonal’ image of most of this type of spaces, to approach to the user experience. Such a simple idea: to give comfort and warmth to the customer journey through the elements, without forgetting the common thread of generational contrast and the legacy of the Fernández-Baca family, whose third generation heads this new business model proposal, from our point of view as designers. It is a journey across generations, the main roomis a nod to the original building style of the 19th century, the corridor is the axis of the space and shows the technological evolution of the 20th century and the consulting room is similar to a contemporary clinical space. The storyline of the proposal comes to an end in the consulting rooms. With adjustable lighting in its temperature and tonality, and a distribution of instruments out of the customer’s sight, chill-inspired spaces have been developed, where visual and auditory tranquility is felt.
Infinite spaces through mirrors and reflections, visual limits have been eliminated. Light plays a fundamental role guiding the client’s journey throughout the clinic. The brand is integrated in a minimally invasive way through light projections on the pavement and reliefs.

Entry details
LocationMalaga - Spain
Lead designerPaco Lago
Design teamAlejandro Picatoste, Alba Urbano, Ana Albarracín, Toni Albaladejo, Elisabet Valenzuela, Mario Fuertes
Photography creditsFer Gómez and Alba Urbano
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