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Feng Huang Tai

Maudea Design Studio

Project description

The project is located in GuiYang, a place full of Chinese elements and culture. The project is a community activity center, developed for free for all community residents, and is also a cultural exhibition, a Chinese club, and a tea party. The designer hopes to build a public space with oriental characteristics. Throughout the design, Chinese elements are scattered in various places. Designers observe and look for Chinese elements that have always been used in interior and apply in the space. Tea ceremony is a very important culture in China. The designer adds the elements of tea in the space, which not only for the cultural communication, but also makes the space more diversifing.During the procedure, the designer was always convinced that the expression and transmission of tradition and culture not only relys on explanation, but also a portrayal and insight into human inner qualities.

Project details
Location:China - GuiYang
Studio NameMaudea Design Studio
Lead designerWally Mau
Design teamMaudea Design Studio
Photography creditsMaudea Design Studio

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