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Photography | Aerial Architecture Photography

Feinknopf Aerial Architecture Photography


Photographed by:

Brad Feinknopf & Lauren K Davis

Short description

Our photography studio has been providing drone work for our clients since 2015. Associate Photographer, Lauren K Davis, became the first Part 107 sUAS Certified Remote Pilot in Command for the studio. Soon after, Principal Photographer, Brad Feinknopf, also obtained his certification.

Although not the traditional way to photograph architecture, Brad and Lauren take the skills and knowledge they have garnered over the years and apply them to this medium of photography. Utilizing this medium has allowed the studio to provide our clients with views of their work otherwise unattainable in most situations. These views allow our client to see their work with new appreciation and to truly witness the story of their project come alive.

Entry details
LocationColumbus - USA
Studio Name Feinknopf
Photographer NameBrad Feinknopf & Lauren K Davis
Design teamBrad Feinknopf - Principal Photographer; Lauren K Davis - Associate Photographer; Anton Kusy - Assistant; Brittany Combs - Assistant; Stephen Newport - Retoucher
Photography creditsBrad Feinknopf (10588-03, 10747-22, 10824-46, 10332-09b ONLY); Lauren K Davis/ Feinknopf (10075-41, 10655-14a, 10726-16 ONLY)
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