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Favorite comfort zone – Homebody

Zhong Junfeng

Short description

Each house represents a home and also a type of life style. Inside this house, people are connected with the family, and the building as well. The connection between people and nature interprets our life, and makes the life simple, easy and enjoyable.
In the first time meeting, we learned through chatting that the two owners were both epidemic workers. They are busy outside at any time, and found the time for wedding. Because the long time busy schedule, owner has quite obsession to the family and home. On their days off, they would like to stay home, read books, watch movies, drink coffee and bake cakes. Therefore, they have specific requirements for the layout and comfort level of their home.
Owners love clean, especially sick of dust, the first requirement of their home design is the whole house fresh air system used for ventilation. Because they are newly married, they have not planned the number of children in the future, and the elderly will come to live from time to time, so we have made a lot of variable design to reduce the waste of space. They have no special requirements in other aspects, and we have prepared many plans in the design. On the measuring day, we were attracted by the scenery outside the window of the room as soon as we entered the door. The big balcony had a wide view and the sight was accessible without any occlusion. At that time, I thought we should give full play of the design on the balcony beauty. Among a lot of plans, my favorite is the living room removal. They were also amazed and immediately selected the plan. After some elaboration, we cooperated with each other and completed the project in 10 months.
When designing, the installation of central ventilation system needs to solve various problems of the roof and beam; because they love baking, we also joined the western kitchen space in the design except for the original kitchen; besides fixed two bedrooms, the study and small sitting room are variable space, which can be used as the bedroom when in need. In this design, the dining room is the central location of the whole home, where you can work, eat food, party, chat and have parent-child activities.

Entry details
LocationKunming - China
Studio NameZhong Junfeng
Lead designerZhong Junfeng
Photography creditsYe Cai
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