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F+ Interior Design Office

Short description

In this case, the designer takes special design technique and arrangement method to make those recyclable, simple, readily available materials unusual. It's known that French food is a relatively minority category in the Chinese catering market. In order to create a special sense of ritual for this minority category, the designer uses sequence and repetition design techniques to release the space from oppression to endow it with a unique sense of rhythm and beauty.
The space is divided into several functional areas, that is, private room, bar area and dining area. Considering that the story height of the original architecture in this case is too high, and the owner's budget is not enough, the design team put their attention to the ceiling and regional division. Furthermore, they divide the focus of the height of the space by use of light, so that customers pay their attention on what we hope they care. For example, if we focus on creating the ceremonial sense of the structure near the window, it should reflect the characteristics of the original site. Or if the designer does not want people to pay attention to some bare-top structures, the sight of customers should be set a little higher. Therefore, the design team put the light down to divert people's attention on things on the table.
In this design, the design team make good use of new materials and renewable, hand-made materials, such as the coating of the exterior wall. Though stone material can achieve better visual effect, the designer chooses materials with high soil plasticity, which looks exactly the same as stone by artificial chisel and color. Another example is a floor that looks like wood. However, the bottom of the floor is stone and the surface is printed grain instead of wood.

Entry details
LocationNanjing - China
Studio NameF+ Interior Design Office
Lead designerAnfei Ge
Design teamDongmei Shen
Photography creditsingallery
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