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Esmo Ceramic Store

Boscardin Corsi

Short description

With minimalism and sophistication, the architectural proposal for the ceramics and candles store is to seek an experience in a monochromatic and earthy space, being an immersion in the universe of clay and natural elements.

It is in the mix of the cold touch of metal shelves, added to the delicacy of the candles and the soft contact of the clay, that the contrast comes, accommodating and stimulating the senses.

As a moment of pause and welcome in the midst of busy life, the environment carries references of residential projects, such as linen curtains, rugs, plants and lamps. Together, these elements make up a light atmosphere, providing a moment of comfortable calm to the customers' daily lives, being a rest of fresh air in the city.

Entry details
LocationCuritiba - Brazil
Lead designerAna Boscardin and Edgard Corsi
Photography creditsEduardo Macarios
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