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Esfera Lamp

Rervi Studio

Short description

Rervi is a Brazilian product design brand that was born in 2021 with the purpose of creating unique design pieces full of Brazilian essence. The projects have the signature of the designer André Andrade who is located in the city of Belo Horizonte in Brazil.

The product Esfera lamp brings references to the aesthetic elements of Brazilian modernism that began in 1960, mixed with contemporary design. The idea of ​​the project was to use the simplicity and minimalism used at the time., creating a contemporary and outstanding product.

In the choice of materials, metal was chosen for its versatility and resistance, in order to create a durable and strong piece. The finish followed the same line used in the period of inspiration with matte and discreet painting. The central charm of the lamp lies in the glass globe that, together with the structure, creates a visually harmonious contrast.

Entry details
Studio Name Rervi Studio
Lead designerAndré Andrade
Photography creditsÍtalo Lelis
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