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Pineapple Design Studio and Chimera Atelier

Project description

Ephemeral is an immersive, light and sound temporary architecture. Driven by the need for the human specie to reflect, adapt and rapidly change world around it, Ephemeral creates a distorted, transient refection of its immediate surroundings in the hope that it provokes renewed interpretations and experiences. A bubble exists for only a split second, creating a captivating visage for those who surround it. As the audience approaches the pavilion-esque structure, the form of the bubble is reminiscent. Ephemeral is constructed through the use of spheres, skinned in a dichroic film. The dichroic film splits light into two beams with differing wavelengths, distorting the daylight that washes over the structure and the internally illuminated curated during night time hours. As the audience constantly moves through the space the images reflected on the form are in a constant state of flux. Ephemeral is inspired by Sharon Francis’ concept of ‘Bubbletecture’ and its ability to achieve large scale, impactful, temporary architectures in todays dynamic and ever-changing global landscape. Six spheres, five meters in diameter will make up the form of the work. Due to the anti-tessellation created by the spheres, cavities and tunnels are created for the audience to traverse. The iridescent and holographic nature of the film applied to the spheres reflect the internal illumination in a unique way. This surface application also ensures that Ephemeral has a strong day presence. When approaching the best way to create the sculpture, we referred back to the inherent meaning of Ephemerality. By creating an inflatable form we utilise a small amount of material and a large amount of air allowing for the work to be truly transient. Erected in one place one day, and removed the next, the nature of inflatable architecture is inherently ephemeral.

Project details
Location:Sydney, Australia
Studio NamePineapple Design Studio and Chimera Atelier
Lead designerZara Pasfield and Renzo B.Larriviere
Design teamZara Pasfield and Renzo B.Larriviere
Photography creditsZara Pasfield
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