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Elite’s Mansion Landscape Design


Project description

Located in the fast-developing city of Foshan, a city characterized by Lingnan culture in China, the project covers an area of 10,924 square meters. Under the conditions of the tight design cycle, limited cost, and incomplete infrastructure conditions, how to realize the client's primary demand for high quality is the main challenge for the architects. Based on the aesthetic standpoint of both sides, the landscape design aims to express the beauty of space, the beauty of nature, and the beauty of artistic conception. The architects use modern techniques combined with natural design thinking to create a clean and simple front-court space with a strong sense of sequence. Considering the long passage outside the red line of the frontcourt, boulevards are adopted to reduce cost and create a comfortable welcoming atmosphere. Due to space constraints in the backfield, the design uses more transition lines to enrich the space functions and enhance the sense of space experience. The facade uses a square scenery wall to highlight the style of the building. Plants are piled up to afforest the slopes by borrowing from the natural scenery, the decoration pieces are made of natural rocks to create a large environment.

Project details
Location:Foshan, China
Studio NameARTBELL
Lead designerSun Weihuang
Photography creditsARCH·QW

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