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Architecture | Multi Unit Housing

Edificio Nautico

Subvert Studio

Project description

Edificio Nautico is a commercial and residential building in Cascais, a Portuguese village highly related to the sea. The ground floor has an undulating arcade reminiscent of the sea's swell, and the building then floats above the arcade like a ship with two prows. The skin is a reinterpretation of a Portuguese cultural heritage: ceramic blinds that define privacy and provide light/heat protection. The whole skin has 29104 ceramic pieces, distributed in 856 panels (fixed and pivot) with 4 mt high each. The blue colour is a gentle reminder of the ocean that surrounds us, and creates diverse light stains throughout the day. The interior patio draws access to the apartments and designs a more intimate approach of the private scale. The 1st and 2nd floor plans have the same distribution strategy: to design a central core that has all the vertical access to the building. Then we design an infra-structure ring in order to place kitchens and bathrooms, that allowed us to work the corners of each tower as noble spaces. The 3rd floor plan follows the same distribution strategy, and has a perimetrical balcony as well as a private terrace that immediately transports us to the prow of the boat.

Project details
Location:Cascais - Portugal
Studio NameSubvert Studio
Lead designerTiago Rebelo de Andrade
Design teamMarta Pinheiro de Almeida, Sofia Travassos, Beatriz Brinco, Diogo Ramalho. Graphic Design: Subvert Studio, Diogo Ramalho. Landscape Architecture: Get Out. Engineer: HETC. Electricity: Espaço Energia
Photography creditsFernando Guerra
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