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Architecture | Concept & Unbuilt

Eden Residential

Ali Naseri

Short description

This project is located in the city of Mashhad, Iran, and considering the cultural issues and religious beliefs from the past to the present, maintaining the privacy of the home is very important.
The main goal in designing this project was to create a sense of introversion and importance to Iranian culture and protect the privacy of residents; Therefore, according to this issue, in the exterior of the project, we see moving pages, despite which the residents of these spaces can increase or decrease the amount of this space.
The use of movable wooden panels on the project facade and changing their position relative to each other, causes a variety of visibility from inside to outside and offers different qualities in terms of vision and landscape at different hours of the day and night.
In the outer wall of the project and behind the movable facade panels, there are small terraces that combine with the single trees installed to increase the quality of the interior space.
Benefiting from green space, albeit briefly and as a single tree, was a need that should have been seen in the exterior design of the project, because most residents of apartment spaces did not feel in their living space and are looking for an alternative. This issue can also contribute to the quality of urban space.
Defining a suitable model for the formation of the project plan in accordance with the wishes of the residents and the architect's thought, as well as preserving cultural concepts are among the concerns that exist in most projects and responding to them by combining different elements in the design process, the formation process Solves.

Entry details
Studio NameAli Naseri
Lead designerAli Naseri
Photography creditsAli Naseri
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