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DV Prestige aesthetic clinic

Goflex Design & Reno Snd Bhd

Short description

From smooth and glistening walls to clean and simple furnishings this elegant beauty clinic brings about a soft ambience of modern and minimal luxury. Natural in light and earthy in color, it is a comforting abode that welcomes all visitors to feel relaxed and truly at ease.

The use of sophisticated interior creates a sense of trust and confidence that the services of this salon belong to a profession of high-quality. To further signify this peace of mind, it has been designed with intention to favor curvilinear lines; reflecting the characteristics of nature and presenting a space that inspires movement of graceful effect.

The design language focuses on a muted palette and on reflective flooring that mimics the fluidity of water; creating an expansive illusion of light and pattern that melt into one another. This enables the idea that this encouraging space is both boundless and serene, offering a pleasant and aspirational experience for all who enter.

Entry details
LocationKuala Lumpur - Malaysia
Lead designerWatsonkoay
Photography creditsC Y Wong
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